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Speak up! encourages young people to say hello to the world around them through the medium of radio - particularly their friends, families, and neighbours.  We're working in two different parts of the UK: in Devon we're working with Soundart Radio 102.5fm, and in Bolton with DBBC. Aune Head Arts is running the project and the main project funder is the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (thank you!). Find out more about the project here (we still need to raise some money to complete year two of the project.)

Speak Up! has reached the end of year one.  Our speaking and listening project, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has involved over 120 young people in Devon and in Bolton, devising and producing sound work for radio. The project this year culminated during the week of 18th July with a Radio Takeover Week (listen in here)Young people from Paignton Community College, King Edward VI Community College in Totnes, The Pulse Youth Club and Bidwell Brook School, will come together at Soundart Radio and Aune Head Arts for a week of creative radio making.  Young people will be making radio with special guests to interview, as well as getting involved in all the other aspects of great radio - marketing, production, technical management, research and the rest...those involved will also have a chance to embark on an Award, highlighting their achievements.

The week will also feature specially made work by young people at our other project partner, Diversity in Barrier Breaking Communications (DBBC), in Bolton.  In Bolton, young people have been working all year on learning the ins and outs of radio production on an Ascentis accredited radio production course.  This involves everything from making adverts to health and safety.

DBBC trainers, Martin and Asher, will be visiting the Soundart Studios during the Takeover Week to share ideas and skills.  We’re looking forward to a week of wonderful creative radio - listen live here.

Some pics from Yr1

In Devon, project partner, Soundart Radio 102.5fm, the licensed radio station for Totnes and the surrounding villages in South Devon, has worked with young people in schools and other educational institutions, using portable sound recorders to make radio - using drama, sound effects, interviews and music.  From their base on the Dartington Hall estate, young people have had the chance to create new work from sound capture right through to broadcast in only one day!  The project has been led by Kate Rudman, Lucinda Guy and Nell Harrison, along with the rest of the Soundart Radio team.

Meanwhile we’re busy planning the second year, building on the work of this year.  Many of those we have worked with are keen to do so again, so we’ll be working with some new young people, along with some who’ve been involved this year who can act as mentors and supporters.  We’re also planning a community radio toolkit and educational pack so watch this space.


Speak Up! is a partnership project led by Aune Head Arts, with Soundart Radio and DBBC

The project is generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.




More pics from year 1







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