mining landscape



Here are some of the audio pieces developed by Martin Prothero in the Tamar Valley

Two pieces on the theme of migration
Migration #1
Migration #2


Other recordings taken along the Tamar

2 ladies
Bike Trails
about bird numbers
2 'locals' from Birmingham
the 8-yr old bird spotter
the Skipper...
visitors from Hertfordshire
"is that a bird...?"
Max (the deckhand)
the Welshman
Peter, from Kent
the RSPB officer
the local


An interview with the Tavy Tars



Talking to Bruce, the naturalist who leads the boat trips down the Tamar



Talking to Clive about traditional sea shanties




to see animations from the workshop in Bere Alston, go here.

a trailer for the three-channel film installation by Tanya and Paul Morel entitled Mining Landscape, go here









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