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In spring 2012 AHA put out a call for ‘…experienced older artists (over 65) interested in finding new ways to express their creativity using the medium of art radio.’.  After a UK-wide search, four artists were commissioned and given an opportunity to look at their practice in a new way and to experiment with the medium of sound (for some this was a very new way of making work).

The Artists

Each of them took a different approach to making work as their individual artform practices were very dissimilar.  Click on the links for further information about how each approached the project:  Jan Blake, David Kemp, Elspeth Owen and Karen Wallis.

The Completed Artworks — podcasts

Jan Blake - ZIG ZAG A Sculpture of Sounds

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I had no idea when I started making Zig-Zag in May 2011 that I would be working with 6 amazingly talented young dancers and performers to create a Sound Art piece for this EVA project.

It has been an awakening or rather a re-awakening for me having designed sets and costumes for dance and physical theatre for many years before my commissions for public spaces.

I have found myself listening to things around me differently and ideas for new projects are forming.

I thank all of you who have guided me on this new path for your generosity, talent, and warmth in extremely cold temperatures during the making of the taster film of the workshop day!

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David KempFragments from the Ruins

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Artifacts, relics, & god-dollies from the consumer cults that thrived on the tip of the Southwest Peninsular, towards the end of the second millennium, have recently been discovered on a remote & windswept clifftop site…

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Elspeth OwenA Setting for Her Words

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In spring 2012 I heard that Aune Head Arts were offering a commission for sound-based work to artists who were over 65 and not primarily working in sound. As Material Woman, I applied and was successful with a proposal to record myself marking the Blue Moon in August on Dartmoor.  (This work has an elaborate history – read about it now or after listening.)

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Karen Wallis - Fairfield House

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Fairfield House is a sound portrait with drawings, depicting a place where many different groups meet.  It is a day centre for Bath Ethnic Minority Senior Citizens and the Towns Women’s Guild.  The house itself is where Haile Selassie lived during his exile from Ethiopia so it also holds great significance for both Rastafarians and Ethiopians.  The sound portrait follows a day at the house combined with events in the lives of the immigrant community.






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