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Eva Radio was a central strand in the Eva project, wherein a group of older people became radio producers under the wing of AHA’s Jennie Hayes and Tony Walker. The Eva Radio project became an independent project in May of 2013 and they continue to broadcast weekly on Soundart Radio 102.5fm. If you’d like to listen to programmes produced since then, go here. If you’d like to get involved, just drop a line to the Eva Radio group.

You can listen here to EVA broadcasts, or you can subscribe free to the iTunes feed.  Watch the Eva radio movie.

Life Story Boxes

You can listen to the recordings made for the Life Story Boxes here.


Listen here to EVA broadcasts


EVA 33 (25 May 2013)

National Dementia Awareness Week

The team explores issues around dementia awarness, and the show includes songs from Singing for the Brain.


EVA 32 (16 May 2013)

Life Story Boxes

As part of the Eva project, AHA created a number of Life Story Boxes, working with three local Memory Cafés. We explore how they were made and where you can see them.


EVA 31 (09 May 2013)


In the second show of the new season, we speak with a lifelong dowser much of whose work is with animals. We explore the broad areas of life to which dowsing can apply.


EVA 30 (02 May 2013)

The New Season

This programme is not yet available.




EVA 29 (25th April 2013)

ZIG ZAG A Sculpture of Sounds (Jan Blake)

In 2012, Aune Head Arts commissioned four artists over 65 to make new work for radio.  Today’s show features the work of Bristol based artist Jan Blake.

Jan is a sculptor who has undertaken commissions for public spaces for 22 years.  Jan has created a hanging, moving sculptural piece, Zig Zag, which explores her fascination with movement and light.

Jan invited dancers and choreographers, to come and respond to this new moving sculpture. The resulting work is a percussive piece made from the sound of their feet.  You can see a short video about this day here.

Jan’s sound piece, which is about 15 minutes long, is followed by an informal discussion by the four commissioned artists recorded at the end of the project.


EVA 28 (18th April 2013)

Local industry and farewell to AHA Radio Studio!

This is the last show the EVA team have recorded from the AHA Radio Studio at Dartington – from May the group will re-convene in the lovely Soundart Radio Studio.

The EVA Radio Team talk about (former…) Devon industries this week, in particular Tuckenhay Mill and the creation of hand-made rag paper for use in fine printing and publishing (and for use in banknotes).  Michael explores the rituals and celebrations surrounding Easter.  And there’s a farewell to the studio, along with fizzy drinks and chocolates and a goodbye song from the Sound of Music!


EVA 27 (11th April 2013)

Fragments from the Ruins

In 2012, Aune Head Arts commissioned four artists over 65 to make new work for radio.  Today’s EVA show features the work of Cornwall based artist, David Kemp.

David’s work explores the industrial landscape of his own home on the remote & windswept clifftops of Cornwall, exploring artifacts, relics, & god-dollies from the consumer cults that thrived on the tip of the Southwest Peninsular, towards the end of the second millennium.

David’s sound work, which is about 35 minutes long, is followed by an informal discussion by three of the commissioned artists recorded at the beginning of the project, over lunch, exploring art, ageing and inspiration.


EVA 26 (28th March 2013)

a setting for her words

a setting for her words is a sound work made around Black Tor on the south-east edge of Dartmoor between the two full moons of August 2012 by artist Elspeth Owen.

words by Sasha Roberts with Jonathan Holmes

written on scraps of fabric by her mother Penny Roberts

The sound work is followed by an interview with Elspeth by EVA Radio’s Michael Heather.


EVA Radio Episode 25 (21st March 2013)

Local Industry

EVA Radio this week looks at the local industries of carpet making and tin mining and explores the history of local town Buckfastleigh.  Joy, Michael, Liz, Carolyn and Norman take part.  With music from Vivaldi, the Staves, Phildel and the Last Night of the Proms.


EVA Radio Episode 24 (14th March 2013)

Fairfield House

Fairfield House is a sound portrait with drawings, depicting a place where many different groups meet, made by artist Karen Wallis.  The programme is about a day centre for Bath Ethnic Minority Senior Citizens and the Towns Women’s Guild.  The house itself is where Haile Selassie lived during his exile from Ethiopia so it also holds great significance for both Rastafarians and Ethiopians.  The sound portrait follows a day at the house combined with events in the lives of the immigrant community.



EVA Radio Episode 23 (7 March 2013)

Devon Stories

Joy, Carolyn, Norman and Michael talk about why they moved to Devon, and what they love about it.  Michael spoke about Lent, and he also took control of sound engineering.  This is the EVA Radio team’s first ‘flying solo’ show!



EVA Radio Episode 22 (28th February 2013)

Egypt: Today’s show features Joy talking about her recent exciting trip to Egypt.  Norman, Carolyn and Michael share their own memories too, as mysteriously, everyone has connections to this lovely place.



EVA Radio Episode 21 (21st February 2013)

Dementia Awareness Day: this programme was recorded, edited and produced by Carolyn Pink for EVA Radio.  Its a special programme recorded at a Dementia Awareness Day in Tavistock, with features about reminiscence and being a carer of someone with dementia.



EVA Radio Episode 20 (7th February 2013)

EVA Radio – How’s it been?  Today’s special show features a live evaluation on our EVA Radio project.  Evaluator Rachael Litherland talks with the group about what we’ve learned, how it feels to be on radio and what the future might hold.  Taking part are Carolyn, Norman, Michael, Joy, Maggie and Jennie, with support from Tony on the desk.



EVA Radio Episode 19 (31st January 2013)

Winter Wonderland  Today’s impromptu live show replaces last weeks when we couldn’t all get to the studio due to heavy snow.  We talk about winters past and present.  Programme presented and produced by Carolyn, Michael and Norman, with support from Jennie.  With music from Purcell and Etta James.



EVA Radio Episode 18 (10th January 2013)

Our Christmas-time.  Today we talk about what we did over Christmas and New Year, including Christmas Day on Bantham beach.  With contributions from Joy, Carolyn, Norman and support from Tony.



EVA Radio Episode 17 (20th December 2012)

Christmas Special!  Today we discuss what Christmas was like when we were young and how it compares today.  With some special Christmas music from the Band of the Royal Marines, King’s College Choir and a poem from Maggie.



EVA Radio Episode 16 (6 December 2012)
Ain’t it grand to be blooming well dead…Today’s show features Joy’s very first pre-recorded interview with her friend Ann about dowsing.  Michael reports on his attendance at a conference on Changing Expectations at the End of Life and Maggie reads a poem by Eden Phillpotts.  With music from Johnny Cash, The Dreamers and Lesley Sarony.



EVA Radio Episode 15 (22 November 2012)
Musical Memories.  In today’s special show we choose some of our favourite music and talk about the memories it holds for us.  We get an update on Dementia Friends and Totnes Memory Cafe.  With music from Doris Day, Tommy Dorsey, Andy Stewart and Gilbert and Sullivan.



EVA Radio Episode 14 (8 November 2012)
Remembrance.  We’ve got so many people in today’s show we’ve had to spill out of the studio! Today’s theme is Remembrance, and we welcome artist Kate Green who talks about our Life Story Box project taking place in Devon memory cafes. Maggie leads us with a reading of The Soldier by Rupert Brooke and we have input from our regulars, Michael, Joy, Carolyn and Norman. We are also joined by David, Lyn, Liz and Maggie from Totnes memory cafe. With music from John Lennon, Elgar, Holst, Frank Sinatra and the theme from Dad’s Army! Produced by Joy, introduced by Maggie and engineered by Tony.



EVA Radio Episode 13 (25 October 2012)
Halloweek!  Today we look forward to Halloween by discussing ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky!  We’re also celebrating happiness, with Michael’s report on the Interrogate: Happiness Festival organised by Dartington Hall.  The witches read Macbeth!  With music from Ken Dodd, the King’s Singers, Nina Simone and a special performance from the Interrogate Festival by Pete McGregor.    Today’s programme is presented by Joy Jones, produced by Michael Heather and the EVA team.



EVA Radio Episode 12 (11 October 2012)
Summer Days  Today we talk about what we did in the summer, including Joy’s trip to Croatia and trips to the theatre.  Its mental health awareness week and Carolyn reads ‘Crabby Old Man’.  With music from Nat King Cole, Vivaldi and Chris Barber and from the shows 42nd Street and Oliver!  Today’s programme is the first entirely produced by the EVA team led by Carolyn, and introduced by Michael and Liz. Produced by the EVA Radio Producers Group.



EVA Radio Episode 11 (27 September 2012)
Memory, dementia, alzheimer’s society.  Today we have a special guest – Trevor Twinley from the Alzheimer’s Society.  We talk about dementia research and what Trevor and the society do in the region.  Maggie and Norman read ‘It was long ago’ by Eleanor Farjeon.  Quite a lot of laughter.  With music from Bobby Darrin, Military Wives, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald.  Produced by the EVA Radio Producers Group.



EVA Radio Episode 10 (13 September 2012)

What we did in the holidays  Today, many of our participants are away on holiday or have family commitments, so Carolyn and Norman Pink come to the rescue, holding the floor along with Richard Povall.  The team talk about involvement in EVA Radio, Totnes Memory Cafe, Singing for the Brain, laughter, the day’s news and summer things.  There’s a special interview from Michael and Liz Heather with our EVA artist Elspeth Owen, who spent the month of August on Dartmoor making new work for radio broadcast.  With music from Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong and Cliff Richard. Produced by Carolyn Pink.



EVA Radio Episode 9 (30 August 2012)
Totnes Memory Cafe and Devon Carers  This is the second of Carolyn’s special pre-recorded summer shows.  Carolyn has been out and about with a portable sound recorder and this show includes interviews with Bryan Hartley from Totnes Memory Cafe and Rob Summers from Devon Carers.  If you’d like to make your own programme like Carolyn has done, do get in touch!  Produced and recorded by Carolyn Pink.



EVA Radio Episode 8 (16 August 2012)
Singing for the Brain  This is the first of our special pre-recorded shows while we have a break from live studio programmes for the summer.  Participant Carolyn Pink has been busy learning how to use our portable sound recorders and has made this programme on the Singing for the Brain group in Totnes.  This includes interviews with Emma and Sally and participants of Singing for the Brain. Produced and recorded by Carolyn Pink.



EVA Radio Episode 7 (2 August 2012)
Technology  Today we discuss how technology has developed over the years, from gramophones to loop stations!  We actually play a real record live on air!  Live in the studio are Joy, Liz, Michael, Norman, Carolyn, Maggie, Jennie and Euan (who is a special guest as he’s only 12).  Its also Norman’s birthday – happy birthday Norman!  With music from Swod, Skrillex, KT Tunstall, Yann Tiersen.



EVA Radio Episode 6 (19 July 2012)
Olympics  Who could have missed this ‘summer of sport’?  Have you loved it?  Hated it?  We talk about sport and exercise and, of course, have to play ‘Chariots of Fire’ by Vangelis.  The lovely Maggie McCarney reads the poem ‘Dignified’ by Sean O’Brien.  Carolyn has an interview with torch bearer and games maker Pat Baggott.  More music by Holst and S Club 7.



EVA Radio Episode 5 (5 July 2012)
Memory, Forgetting and Innovation  Today we have special guest Rachael Litherland from Innovations in Dementia in the studio, talking about the work of this forward-thinking organisation.  We’re also talking to Liz Allen about the power of smell and Maggie Dennis tells us about Totnes Memory Cafe.  Maggie McCarney reads a poem and we have music from Al Jolson, Dean Martin and the Military Wives.  Extra special guest this week is student Ralph Whitehead who you won’t hear, but he is busy taking photos which you can see on the EVA site.



EVA Radio Episode 4 (21 June 2012)
Midsummer Solstice  With Liz, Michael, Carolyn, Norman, Joy, Maggie and Jennie.  We chat about the summer solstice, carers’ week, the Home and the World Conference and Life Story Boxes.  Maggie reads an extract from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare.  We have music from Mendelssohn and Ella Fitzgerald and ‘Happy Talk’ from South Pacific.



EVA Radio Episode 3 (6 June 2012)
Our favourite places.  Today’s show is introduced by Liz Heather.  Michael Heather introduces a discussion about the Diamond Jubilee and the Monarchy.  Liz, Joy, Jennie and Maggie talk about travel, the Diamond Jubilee and the Monarchy.  Joy tells the story of her trip to the Caribbean on the four-masted sailing ship, Sea Cloud.  Liz and Michael talk about hitch-hiking in the Sahara in the Sixties.  Maggie reads the poem, ‘Composed on Westminster Bridge’ by William Wordsworth.  With music from Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, the Fron Male Voice Choir and Enya.



EVA Radio Episode 2 (24 May 2012)
Dementia Awareness Week   This week we contribute to Dementia Awareness Week by having our own discussion about memory, what its like to live with someone with dementia and ways of remembering.  Live in the studio are Joy Jones, Carolyn Pink, Maggie McCarney, Norman Pink, Elaine Milner and Jennie Hayes.  Maggie reads ‘Leisure’ by WH Davies.



EVA Radio Episode 1 (10 May 2012)
World Premiere!  This is the very first EVA show, bravely introduced by Carolyn Pink, with Norman Pink, Richard Povall and Jennie Hayes in the studio.  We include a programme made by artist Sue Palmer in the village of Milton Abbot, created as part of our Soundings project.  There’s an invitation for others to get involved!


EVA Radio is broadcast from Aune Head Arts’ studios every Thursday from 11am to 12noon.  Tune into Soundart Radio 102.5fm in the Totnes and Dartington area, or live at  You can listen ‘live’ to Soundart Radio anytime by clicking here.

(If you don’t own a computer,  find out more about internet radios here.)


Listen to some of our previous programmes

These are just a few segments from the award-winning soundings project we completed in 2010.

Chudleigh (producers Jennie Hayes and Kate Green)



Part 1 (Memory)


Part 2 (Loss)


Part 3 (Together)


End credits



More information on the award-winning soundings project can be found here.

All of the programmes we created can be listened to here.









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