EVA Radio February 7


Tune in on Thursday to hear a something unusual for any radio programme –– a live evaluation of the programme by an independent consultant.   Rachel Litherland of Innovations in Dementia has been following the development of EVA Radio, as well as the other strands of the EVA project, in order to help AHA evaluate their effectiveness.  The entire EVA Producers Team will be taking part in this evaluation and discussion process with Rachel on Thursday.  Listen in and find out more about the reasons behind the EVA project and about working in new and innovative ways with those who have dementia.

Listen live at 102.5fm in the Dartington/Totnes area, listen live on-line from 11am to 12pm at Soundart Radio here, or find the podcast here and listen at a time which suits you (usually available within 24 hours).

Innovations in Dementia is an organisation which works nationally with people with dementia, partner organisations and professionals with the aim of developing and testing projects that will enhance the lives of people with dementia.

From the Innovations in Dementia website:  Rachael Litherland has worked with older people and people with dementia for the past 10 years. With a background in psychology and advocacy, she developed and managed the national “Living with Dementia” programme for the Alzheimer’s Society between 2000 and May 2006. This included providing leadership on issues relating to the involvement and support of people with dementia and supporting people with dementia in service and information development, campaigning and self-advocacy.

She is an experienced public speaker, having represented the programme at numerous key national and international conferences.

Rachael leads our work with involving people with dementia, communication and inclusion.


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