Granite Shadows
(June-August 2006)

Granite Shadows is a new Dartmoor story project that involved two primary schools (Shaugh Prior Primary School, a rural Dartmoor school where we worked with all 29 pupils in the school; and Tamerton Vale Primary School in Tamerton Foliot, on the outskirts of Plymouth, where we worked with one class of Year 3 pupils), a writer (Phil Bowen), a shadow puppeteer (Willem Montagne), and an animator/video artist (Vicky Smith).  Phil Bowen made a number of visits to each class, including a group visit to Dartmoor (with Willem Montagne, who as well as being the shadow puppet designer for the project is Dartmoor National Park's Education Officer) to inspire each student to devise a contemporary Dartmoor-centred story.  These stories were then presented/performed by each group at an invitation-only performance in the Lee Moor Village Hall on June 30, 2006, for pupils, parents and teachers.  Vicky documented this process. Documentary images by Clare Fisher and Nancy Sinclair can now be viewed.

One story was developed from each school into a shadow puppet play, with Willem Montagne. Vicky documented these performances, and will create a short film about the whole project (in a manner and style of her own choosing).  This is likely to include performances of the finished plays, together with some background material about the project.

The completed short film will be presented at each school to all the pupils and an invited audience of friends and family members.  We also hope to arrange screenings at Exeter Phoenix, Plymouth Arts Centre, and as part of Beaford Arts and the Villages in Action community film/video programmes, etc. 

The film, or some version(s) of it will appear here on our website after the project's completion in August 2006.

The project has been funded by Arts Council England, the Ernest Cook Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Clore Duffield Foundation, Dartmoor National Park Authority, and West Devon Borough Council.


Arts Council EnglandClore Duffield FoundationErnest Cook TrustPaul Hamlyn FoundationDartmoor National Park AuthorityWest Devon Borough Council



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