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Drake's Trail podcasts

Drake's Trail project manager Phil Baker writes:[but click here to listen... ]

Welcome to the Drakes Trail walking and cycling network.  If you are listening to me now, the chances are that you intend to walk or cycle part of the Drakes Trail routes – may I congratulate you on your choice… and well done for getting out into the fresh air!

The Drakes Trail is a walking and cycling project that came about thanks to a mix of funding from West Devon Borough Council, Devon Renaissance and Devon County Council, with the aim of promoting routes that take people to places of interest and intrigue.

Because West Devon was home to renowned seafarer and colourful character Sir Francis Drake it made sense to take the routes to places related to parts of Drake’s life, although that’s just the start of it… with Dartmoor on our doorstep and a rich industrial and wartime history, the stories and anecdotes of West Devon could keep you entertained for hours.

And that’s where these podcasts come in handy.  Thanks to support from the Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund a group of students from Tavistock College were able to pick through the facts, myths and downright fiction and share with you a tale or two that you may otherwise never have known.  The students braved swirling snow, driving rain and howling winds to interview people from Tavistock to Plymouth in an attempt to share with you some of the secrets of the places you are about to pass through…

Use this website to look at the maps with their podcasts, and also to download the podcasts to take with you on the trails. Podcasts are available for iPod and other devices capable of playing enhanced podcasts (AAC files), and also for any mp3 player. Visit the dowloads page for more information. You will need iTunes or a similar mp3 programme to download the podcasts, and Flash to look at the maps (97% of web browsers already have Flash installed).

Check your walking or cycling map and when you reach a certain number, stop for a minute or two and listen to the podcast of the same number.  It couldn’t be simpler could it?

Now...find out more about the project, or jump direct to the maps.





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