BOUNDARY was based around Dartmoor National Park in Devon, involved two primary schools (Princetown and Shaugh Prior), and took place in June 2009. The primary objective was to encourage children to learn more about the environment around them, and in particular to investigate creatively and imaginatively the idea of BOUNDARY – route markers, rights of way, land boundaries, hedges, and non-physical boundaries such as political and social boundaries, particularly as they apply in the countryside.  They learned about the concept of “access land” as created by the CROW Act within the past few years, and at how this is shown on maps and in the countryside itself.  As part of the project, the children will design and create a boundary marker for their own school, with the help of a professional artist, Reece Ingram.

You can see the project blog here. Princetown PS is in the small high moorland town in one of the most economically deprived areas in the region; Shaugh Prior Primary School is a rural village school also within the National Park. 

You can see some project images here at our Flickr site.

At the start of the project both schools came together for a day-trip onto the moor led by an environmental artis Martin Prothero, DNPA Education Officer Willem Montagne, and Reece. We hace created a blogspace where the children can share information and keep in touch throughout the year. Aune Head Arts will work with the staff and pupils to help them understand how it works and how to use it confidently, the artist will then help the pupils use it during the project to show the other school their work in progress and start to build a dialogue that can continue after the project.


Many thanks to our project funders: Ernest Cook Trust West Devon BCDartmoor National Park



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